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Service Designer, Visual Designer, Curious Person

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Designing service or user experiences, envisioning spaces, understanding behaviors and relationships, or planning a comprehensive travel itinerary are some of the needs I could assist with.

I have refined skills as a versatile designer and all things story telling either through graphic design, illustrations, art or performing arts or just my creative practice fueled by empathy.

Check out the play section in my portfolio for some visually aesthetic work.

Currently working on a project for the empowerment and well-being of sex workers through a human-centered and collaborative approach.With an aim to establish s
ecure and trusted platforms or networks that connect sex workers with service providers who are sensitive to their anonymity needs and can offer appropriate, non-judgmental support.

When not geeking over design, you'll find me doing these activities or even running behind puppies at a park!

My Journey

Aug2022- Present MA Service Design @Royal College of Art

June2021-Aug2022 Graphic/Visual Designer @Curefit Healthcare

Jan2021-Aug2022 Co-Founder @The Pastel Project

Jan2021-April2021 Communication Designer & Project Manager @Ajira Global

May2020-Jul2020 Graphic/Visual Designer @Deloitte Digital

Jun2019-Aug2019 Digital Designer @Bigthinx

Jun2018-Aug2018 Graphic/Visual Designer @Environment Assosciation of Bangalore

Aug2017-Jun2021 B.Des Communication Design @PES University


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