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I seized the opportunity to celebrate the third-year anniversary of the legalization of LGBTQ rights in India, which was still viewed as a taboo subject. My goal was to give a voice to the LGBTQ community and create a campaign design that would effectively communicate their message. To begin the creative process, I thoroughly researched the events surrounding the campaign and engaged with individuals from the queer community to understand their preferred tone of voice and means of expression. Drawing inspiration from constructivism, an art form historically used to convey strong public opinions during times of war, I utilized it as the foundation for the graphic design style. By incorporating the vibrant pride colors, I aimed to add an element of inclusivity and celebration. Throughout the campaign, I maintained a simple yet playful tone of voice that would resonate with the target audience.

As part of my proposal, I suggested collaborating with Red Bull, a renowned brand known for supporting dynamic and impactful initiatives. Additionally, I proposed the installation of gender-neutral washrooms, an important step towards creating an inclusive environment. To complement this idea, I designed a symbol specifically for the gender-neutral washrooms, incorporating the same branding elements as the rest of the campaign.

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